We at Home Trim UK Limited make sure all materials we use come with a Manufacturers’ or Suppliers Guarantee. Please note that any and all materials used come solely covered by the manufacturers/suppliers guarantees.

For your peace of mind, we advise that you visit the relevant manufacturers’ website (listed below) to ensure that you are happy with the guarantees that they offer before any orders are placed with Home Trim UK Limited.


Home Trim UK guarantees the physical fitting side of any installation for a period of a full 10 years.  (i.e. It covers you in the event of it falling off).

Home Trim UK does not offer any personal guarantees for any of the materials used on any installation.

No claim can be made against Home Trim UK for ANY type of Failure of any materials used.

In the event of any failure of any materials used by Home Trim UK, we will help you as much as possible to resolve the issue with the manufacturer (without accepting any personal responsibility).

Manufacturer / Supplier list

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“Some work men leave a lot of mess during and after their work. That always irritates me. But the team at Home Trim have got to be one of the fastest and tidiest workers I’ve ever seen.”

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